Tutorial: Managing Account Groups


Troveworks provides a way for businesses to communicate with their customers consistently and automatically via the Troveworks Workflow Engine and Communication Templating System. Some organizations may have different customer segments or customers they would like to manage via different workflows.

For example, a merchant may be a supplier of goods and services to individuals or small and medium-sized businesses, while also being a supplier to larger businesses as well. These all represent three classes of customers, from which the merchant would like to collect using three distinct workflows. 

Troveworks addresses this use case with its Account Groups feature.

How does it work?

It’s a straightforward process.

  1. Create the workflows – The administrator of the Troveworks organization can create distinct workflows for each of the relevant account groups. 
  2. Create the account groups – The administrator then creates the account groups and assigns to each group a workflow that will be the default workflow.
  3. Assign accounts to the account groups – The administrator or team manager now can assign the customer accounts to the relevant account group.
  1. Organize customer accounts – Now, when you process batches of collections activity, each account will automatically execute the correct workflow.
  2. Reporting and optimizing collections by Account Group – Segmenting account groups enables reporting by segment. If collections activity for a segment needs to be optimized it will be easier to detect the problem and fix it for the entire segment.
  3. Make workflow changes easily – Should you ever change your mind or decide to modify or create a different workflow for that customer segment, you can do so and easily update the Account Group once, which will shift all customer accounts in the group to use the new or updated workflow. 
Real world example

Create the workflows

  1. Log into Troveworks
  2. Navigate to the Workflow configuration panel
Workflow Nav Item
Add a new workflow

     3. Suppose you have two customer segments: Individuals and Businesses. Create two workflows cale Individual_Workflow and Business_Workflow, respectively.


Create the workflow for Individuals
Create the workflow for businesses

Create the Account Groups

  1. Navigate to the Customer Accounts panel and Select the Manage Account Groups tab
Customer Accounts Nav Item
Manage Account Groups Tab


    2. Click Choose a Group

Choose a group button

     3. Click Add

Choose a group panel, add button

     4. Create the account group for Individuals

Select the correct workflow from the combo box
Add Group Modal

 Be careful to select the workflow you just created for this group as Default Workflow.

     5. Click Ok. Then repeat Step 4 to create the account group for Businesses.

Assign accounts to the Account Groups

  1. Select the accounts you want to add to the new group.
Items select in Manage Account Groups tab

     2. Click the group to which you wish to assign these accounts, in this case: Businesses

Choose "Businesses" from combo box

     3. Verify your selection by right-clicking the account group

Account Group Detail panel

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the Individuals account group.


In this tutorial, we have explored the topic of Account Groups, how they work, what the benefits are for an organization’s collections process, and a step-by-step guide for configuring account groups in any user’s Troveworks organization.

Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • How does it work?
  • Benefits
  • Real world example