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Nick and I are both Product and Marketing Executives and we have never done this before: Build the best software with our heart, Mind and Money and giving it all for free. But Why?

Collection / Account Receivables has been an afterthought for too long.

For the last 30 years, the ERPs and the billing systems have never gone beyond a very basic AR workflow. They assume that customers always pay on time; if they fail to do so, these massive software vendors don’t help. Collection agents have to do the manual follow up work by sending emails, calling, leaving voicemails etc…

Because it is resource intense, collecting invoices is often outsourced

In my last company, we used 6 collection agents based in India to call our customers during US hours – what a crazy thing to do. Why can’t somebody take care of this problem and provide a solution?

Enter Troveworks

Troveworks is a desktop software that works on PC and Mac and takes care of collecting all your past due invoices. Our essentails edition is free to use for any collection agents. You start by downloading the application, quickly set up of a collection schedule/workflow and email templates. You can then download all your invoices (Integration with Quickbooks also available) and the application will take care of sending all your email reminders according to your collection schedule. Easy!

Why Free?

We give away the Essential edition of the software but if/when you love the application, you can upgrade to the Pro or Team editions. which add advanced features and can help your collection team share and collaborate.

Try Essentials today by downloading the app!

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