In the Age of Olympics-style payment delaying, having a Collection solution is essential for success. Don’t just settle for invoice payment automation; you need customer workflow reminders and related features too. As 2022 has shown us all, ensuring timely payments from customers isn’t just about taking them on their word alone — Collection software and automated processes are the key to making sure invoices don’t become a way for customers (or even governments) to delay payments. And in 2023 when Olympians of payment delaying have emerged on the global stage, Collection solutions are the only way to stay competitive.

Automating your accounts receivable process is a smart, cost-effective way to help make your business run more efficiently, with some huge benefits. Instead of having to track down payments, you’ll have a collection solution that will remind customers of their due dates, reducing the likelihood that they will forget – or worse, refuse – to pay. With invoice payment automation and customer workflow reminders in place, it frees up resources and eliminates manual entry errors. This means working capital stays in your business and isn’t diverted into running the customer’s business for them. That’s more money in everyone’s pockets! Plus, it allows you to redirect personnel expenses from accountants towards other growth initiatives within the company – think of all the amazing things you could do with those funds! Automation gives businesses more power to be more productive than ever before.

You’ve put in the hard work to develop an awesome product – why devote your working capital to running other people’s business? Automating your accounts receivable process means you stay in control of how quickly and efficiently invoices are paid, improves cash flow and allows you to sleep better at night, knowing that collection solutions handle payment reminders for customers. Accountants may be out the window; with invoice payment automation and customer workflow reminder systems, you can save both time and money. Put simply, automating your Accounts Receivable is a no brainer when it comes to creating a more productive (and peaceful!) business!


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